President and Representative Director Noriaki Ishizuka

With a vision of "Know today, Power tomorrow," we, the INTAGE Group, connect our customers to their consumers to create a prosperous society of limitless possibilities.

At present, the digital transformation ("DX") of society is continuing unabatedly and as a result, massive amounts of data are being produced every day. As things stand, not only the marketing industry, but the business community and society, has to make efforts to create utility value from this data from the perspective of consumers. This is the need of the times.

Since the company was established in 1960, we have always dealt with data and sought to achieve its optimal use through the application of cutting-edge technology in order to get a better and deeper understanding of consumers. And now, we believe that spurred on by rising demand from this digital age, opportunities for us to contribute to the field of data activation are expanding significantly.

In recent years, conflicts and abnormal weather events (global warming) have occurred frequently around the world. At the same time, the aging of society and the diversification and maturation of consumers are intricately intertwined in Japan. To create a prosperous society of limitless possibilities, it is essential to improve the degree of understanding of diversifying consumers and to have a method for making an accurate approach based on that understanding, while keeping the aspiration for a healthy global society as the keynote.

The INTAGE Group will support the decision making of companies and government offices by pursuing its initiatives for "the increase in the value of data (MI: Marketing Intelligence)," "the systematization of its utilization (BI: Business Intelligence)" and "the extension of data (MI x BI)" based on its capabilities such as its diverse customer contact points and its ability to approach customer issues. These initiatives themselves are DX, and we believe that continuing them will lead to the realization of our vision.

The Group developed the 14th Medium-Term Management Plan which began in FY2023, with its basic policy set as "Towards New Portfolio as a Data + Technology Company - Creation of New Value." INTAGE Group has been working for years on "increasing the value of data and systematizing its utilization" to better understand consumers. We see the diverse changes in lifestyle and the acceleration of the DX of society and the economy from the perspective of consumers as an opportunity to make greater use of this knowledge. We will strive to become a business entity that a range of stakeholders select by maximizing our individuality and contributing to society through business activities that support our vision.

We hope you will look forward to the INTAGE Group's future activities.

  • November 2023
  • Noriaki Ishizuka
  • Noriaki Ishizuka,
  • President and Representative Director,