Mar-1960 Marketing Intelligence Corporation (MiC) founded on March 2nd.
May-1960 In addition to customized research, panel research involving the continuous collection and analysis of data, and SDI (nationwide drug-store panel research) started.
1961 Actively invested in computer resources for field organization creation and data tabulation processing to maintain research panels. Started building infrastructure as an integrated information company.
Sep-1963 Adopted the IBM 1401 in order to process vast amounts of panel data. Started computer-based business connected to the company's current systems solutions through utilization of the IBM 1401. Adopted the IBM 360 in 1967.
Jul-1964 SCI (Household consumer panel research) started.
Apr-1965 Honjo Input Center established, data entry business started.


Apr-1971 Started distribution business involving cooperative purchasing and distribution of mainly pharmaceutical products. Aimed at creating unique information value by integrating research and system functions.
Sep-1972 Established Nagano Data Center. INTAGE Group's History INTAGE Group's History
May-1973 Construction of company headquarters in Hibarigaoka (Nishitokyo-shi, Tokyo) completed.
Apr-1977 SLI (Female consumer panel research) started.


Apr-1986 MiC Business Service Co., Ltd. established.


Jan-1992 The company fully updated its traditional SCI system and started implementation of SCI Scanning System.Started sending data to and retrieving data from 9,700 households throughout Japan.
Jan-1994 SRI (FMCG retail panel) started.
May-1996 MRS Inc. became a subsidiary as a result of capital investment.
Mar-1999 INTAGE's panel services receives ISO 9001 certification PrivacyMark accredited.
Jul-1999 MiC Shanghai Office established, allowing the company to establish a foothold overseas.


Mar-2000 Office of IT Security Policy Certification obtained, for information processing service industry.
INTAGE ISO 9001 certification expanded to Customized Research Services.
Apr-2000 Acquired IBRD Japan Corporation, which provides CRO services for drug development.
Dec-2000 INTAGE ISO 9001 certification expanded to software development and information system maintenance and management service.
Apr-2001 Company changed name from Marketing Intelligence Corporation (MiC) to INTAGE Inc. .
Nov-2001 INTAGE listed on JASDAQ stock exchange. INTAGE Group's History INTAGE Group's History
Feb-2002 MRS Inc. name changed to INTAGE Research Inc.
Mar-2002 INTAGE Marketing Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. established. Overseas business officially started.
Oct-2002 INTAGE Interactive Inc. established. Internet-based business and officially started.
Apr-2003 ASKLEP Inc. established (integration of IBRD Japan Corporation with Medical Solutions Division.)
Dec-2003 INTAGE Nagano Inc. receives ISO 9001 certification for its system integration service, total solutions service, product information management, and market research.
July-2005 Received ISMS (Information Security Management System) / BS 7799 certification.
Nov-2005 INTAGE Akihabara Bldg. opened in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo to serve as new company headquarters. INTAGE Group's History INTAGE Group's History
Jan-2006 INTAGE's Hibarigaoka Office Data Center Service Business receives ISMS (Information Security Management System) / BS 7799 certification.
May-2007 Acquired medical marketing research firm TM Marketing Inc. and became consolidated subsidiary.
Dec-2007 ASKLEP Inc. receives ISO 9001 for its CRO services and statistical analysis, medical writing, and security management.
Jan-2008 Listed on the 2nd Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Apr-2008 Established INTAGE Associates Inc. INTAGE Group's shared services company.
Jul-2008 INTAGE (Thailand) Co., Ltd. established to serve as the company's second overseas location in Asia.
2008 INTAGE Group ranked in the world's top 10 marketing research companies based on consolidated sales (converted to US Dollars) for FY2008.
Mar-2009 Hyyperlink Research Co., Ltd. became a subsidiary to further strengthen INTAGE's international competitiveness in the global research market.
Mar-2009 Listed on the 1st section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.


Mar-2010 INTAGE celebrated 50th anniversary.
THE INTAGE WAY (company mission) is established.
Jul-2010 INTAGE Inc. receives ISO 20252 certification.
Sep-2010 ASKLEP Inc. established ASKLEP CHINA Inc. as a local business base in China.
Oct-2010 TM Marketing Inc. name changed to ANTERIO Inc.
Apr-2011 ASKLEP Inc. moved its headquarters to Ikebukuro (World Import Mart Building).
Sep-2011 Entered capital tie-up with FTA Research and Consultant, LLC based in Vietnam.
Nov-2011 FTA Research and Consultant, LLC. became a subsidiary.
Apr-2012 Joint Venture Docomo Insight Marketing established between INTAGE and NTT DOCOMO.
Jul-2012 ASKLEP Inc. established ASKLEP TAIWAN Inc. as a local business base in Taiwan.
Aug-2012 INTAGE INDIA Private Limited established as a local business base in India.
Sep-2012 Japan Medical Information Research Institute Inc. became a subsidiary.
Nov-2012 ASKLEP Inc. established ASKLEP KOREA Inc. as a local business base in Korea.
PLAMED Inc. became a subsidiary.
Mar-2013 ASKLEP Inc. and US based ReSearch Pharmaceutical Services Inc.(RPS) established joint venture company, RPS-ASKLEP Inc.
Jul-2013 INTAGE SINGAPORE Private Limited established as a local business base in Singapore.
Aug-2013 Consumer Search Hong Kong Limited (CSG) became a subsidiary.
Oct-2013 INTAGE Inc. becomes a holding company, resulting in the establishment of (and name change to) INTAGE Holdings Inc.
Business operations of the preparatory company, INTAGE Bunkatsu Junbi Kaisha KK (INTAGE Split-off Preparation Company Inc.) formed in April is transferred (and name changed) to INTAGE Inc.
Nov-2013 PT. INTAGE INDONESIA established as a local business base in Indonesia.
Apr-2014 INTAGE TECHNOSPHERE Inc. established through integration of INTAGE NAGANO Inc. with the Technology Division of INTAGE Inc.
Access JP Inc. became INTAGE Inc.'s subsidiary.
May-2014 Incorporated R.S. Market Research Solutions Private Limited, a local research firm in India, into the Group.
Mar-2015 Celebrated our 55th anniversary.
Oct-2015 INTAGE Inc. established IXT Inc. as a subsidiary.
Apr-2016 THE INTAGE GROUP WAY, the Group's mission statement enacted.
Apr-2016 DataAge Inc. established as INTAGE TECHNOSPHERE Inc.'s subsidiary.
Oct-2016 Jointly established INTAGE Open Innovation investment Limited Partnership with SBI Investment Co., Ltd.
Apr-2017 Launched "work-style reform" initiatives in all domestic group companies.
Apr-2017 INTAGE USA Inc. established.
Mar-2018 Buildsystem Co.,Ltd became a subsidiary.
Sep-2018 KYOWA KIKAKU LTD. became a subsidiary of ASKLEP Inc.
Oct-2018 NSK Co., Ltd. became a subsidiary of INTAGE TECHNOSPHERE Inc.
Apr-2019 INTAGE Healthcare Inc.established through integration of ANTERIO Inc. with ASKLEP Inc.


Mar-2020 dataSpring Inc. became a subsidiary.
Jun-2020 Access JP changed its name to INTAGE Qualis.
May-2021 Research and Innovation Co.,Ltd. became INTAGE Inc.'s subsidiary.
Sep-2023 Concluded capital and business alliance agreement with NTT DOCOMO, INC.