To achieve its Group vision of "Know today, Power tomorrow," the INTAGE Group wishes for each employee to demonstrate their value as an individual. We emphasize employees maximizing their value together with their colleagues in a diverse environment, and foster a free and open corporate culture in which diversity is respected.

To achieve these aims, we aim to be a company at which the individual qualities of each employee are respected, and where anyone can achieve success. In keeping with this approach, we pursue flexible workstyles that adapt to our ever-changing society. We aim to create opportunities for success and growth by having employees of diverse values and backgrounds understand one another, collaborate, and co-create.

Exhibit value as individuals and maximize the value with colleague in diversity


The source of the services and added value provided by the INTAGE Group lies in the value of people themselves. The aim of being a corporate group in which anyone can succeed means having employees with diverse backgrounds and strengths understand and respect one another, and we believe that diversity further enriches collaboration leading to Groupwide collaboration and co-creation while creating further opportunities for success and growth, by extension expanding the provision of value.


We have established wide-ranging opportunities for employees to advance on the strengths of their motivation and accomplishments irrespective of differences such as gender or nationality, and regardless of whether they are a new graduate or a mid-career hire. We will continue to expand these opportunities in the future. Moreover, since we emphasize proactive growth opportunities, we aim to provide a wealth of opportunities for elective training and transfers. Through these opportunities, we help employees acquire highly specialized knowledge and skills and enhance their professionalism.


To lay the foundations enabling teams and individual employees to demonstrate value by working in ways that are optimal for them and flourish in their jobs while experiencing job fulfillment, we continually review how our offices work and promote working styles that allow employees to choose where and when they work autonomously (hybrid work), such as remote work and full flex-time work. We have also rolled out common communication infrastructure including chat and social media functions across the Group, enabling all Group company employees in Japan and overseas to seamlessly interact with one another. Through these improvements to the workplace environment, we improve employee flexibility and facilitate cooperation and collaboration within the organization.



We have established wide-ranging opportunities for employees to advance on the strengths of their motivation and accomplishments irrespective of differences such as gender or nationality, and regardless of whether they are a new graduate or a mid-career hire. We continually monitor our progress in this regard through various metrics, focusing on the state of activities promoting the active participation of women.

Status of activities promoting the active participation of women

(FY) 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Ratio of female employees (%) 46.4 49.3 50.0 49.4 50.8 51.0
Ratio of women in new hires (%) 53.4 51.9 46.4 49.2 51.9 57.1
Ratio of female managers (%) 21.7 22.7 23.0 23.3 24.7 25.6
Ratio of female directors (%) 12.2 14.0 14.8 15.6 14.6 14.1

*1 Each figure is current as of the end of each fiscal year
*2 Companies subject to calculation up to FY2021 are INTAGE HOLDINGS Inc., INTAGE Inc., INTAGE RESEARCH Inc., INTAGE Healthcare Inc., INTAGE TECHNOSPHERE Inc. and INTAGE ASSOCIATES Inc. The companies covered by the calculation for FY2022 are domestic consolidated subsidiaries.

[Topics] Support for balancing of work and child raising by INTAGE TECHNOSPHERE Inc.

Every worker sometimes has issues in different life stages. Especially, worries about balancing of work and child raising never end. Considering that establishing a climate where employees understand and respect each other is important as well as developing an employment system and a work environment, INTAGE TECHNOSPHERE works on the support for the balancing of work and child raising or nursing care, and the support for male employees' participation in child raising.
As one of the activities, the company held a workshop in February 2020 to provide an opportunity to give thought to the appropriate balance between work and child raising that suits each employee.


workshop cards

See the details here


The INTAGE Group values the individuality of employees with disabilities and has established an environment for such women and men to demonstrate their ability and keep growing. The Company has hired employees with intellectual disabilities since 2015. A team specifically for the employment of people with disabilities known as the "Dandies" provides office support functions such as inter-office mail and is also entrusted with individual tasks from Group companies covering an expanding range of responsibilities.
Since 2019 the INTAGE Group has employed and supported the successes of two athletes with disabilities, Haruka Kitaura (wheelchair athletics; employee of INTAGE HOLDINGS) and Masanori Orihashi (deaf futsal; employee of INTAGE Healthcare).

We will continue to create a workplace where all employees inspire each other, and respect and augment their differences.

[photo] Cafe service operated once a month at the Akihabara Office
Cafe service operated once a month at the Akihabara Office

[photo] Athlete employees (left: Haruka Kitaura, right: Masanori Orihashi)
Athlete employees (left: Haruka Kitaura, right: Masanori Orihashi)

Supporters Awards

Employees with disabilities belong to the Diversity Promotion Division, and they perform tasks at different places. In order to express gratitude to employees who support them in each workplace, the "Supporters Awards" are presented once a year.

Skills training

We implement business skills training to improve business etiquette, PC (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) skills, and so on. We are also trying to run training that is useful for work, such as online English conversation lessons with native speaking instructors.

Regular interview

An annual goal is set in order to improve business skills and human skills. Moreover, a monthly work-related goal and living-related goal are set, which are reviewed at an interview with an external clinical psychologist once a month.

[Topics] Initiatives for SDGs

In response to The DECLALATION TO ACHIEVE THE SDGs, a workshop is held to understand SDGs and to make next-generation think about SDGs, through making sugoroku (a Japanese board game), karuta (a traditional Japanese card game) and some games. At the workshop our employees work as a teacher to support them. In the fiscal year 2022, a SDGs debriefing session has been set up as a place for presentation.


We promote the "Group Job Challenge" for the purpose of intertwining of the needs of the Group and the career formation of employees, and revitalizing the mobility of human resources. By openly recruiting mid-career workers within and outside the Group, we support our employees to proactively think about their own careers and to take on a challenge. We believe that the increase of transfers due to the Job Challenge will lead to revitalization of the Group.
We have also established the "Group Career Design," a service where employees can consult anytime they have trouble with their career, in the department responsible for human resources in INTAGE Holdings. They provide consultation for a wide range of matters that are difficult to solve within a company.


In addition, with the aim of making employees inter-connected beyond their organizations and companies, events and communities have been established via internal social networking and Web conferencing services, and communications have been enhanced.
As for the future of the office, we listen to employees' views about what is desirable as an office environment for collaboration and seek new workstyles by which individuals and teams can maximize value.

INTAGE HOLDINGS and INTAGE ASSOCIATES being recognized as the 2023 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization

Health and Productivity 2023


The INTAGE Group is implementing measures to maximize willingness and potential of employees as professionals. Starting in 2017, we have been expanding a fully-flexible work system, which eliminates the core time (mandatory working hours), as well as a remote work system, thereby enabling employees' autonomous choice of where and when to work.
In fiscal 2021, we promoted measures to respond to changes in working styles caused by the popularization of remote work. A Collaboration Grid, which was newly opened on the 9th floor of the Akihabara Office as a new kind of office, aims to be a place for any Group employee to freely use, and to make use of it as a space for group colleagues to get to know each other beyond the immediate relations based on the company, and to thereby invigorate communication.

Autonomous choice of where and when to work