INTAGE Group R&D Center

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For 60 years, we at INTAGE Group have been deepening our knowledge and understanding of "Consumer" and "Data".
Our accumulated knowledge is our core strength.
It is the basis that enables us to utilize new technologies to achieve great progress in the future.
We invite both prospective and current partners to join us on a quest to create new value.
Together, we will take risks and welcome the challenges along the way,making it a key part of our mission to deliver meaningful innovation to society.

  • Challenges

    Our mission is to create new value.
    We welcome partners who are prepared to continually take on challenges, and are quick to implement their goals.

  • Creation

    We welcome partners who share our passion for creating exciting new value.

  • Collaboration

    A core strength of ours is our ability to combine knowledge with technology.
    We seek partners who will collaborate with us, building on our deep storehouse of knowledge of Consumers and Data.


  • 2017/4/1 INTAGE Group established R&D center

Open Innovation

For 60 years, the INTAGE Group has accumulated knowledge and pursued advanced technology in the fields of "Life Insights"; understanding consumer mind, behavior and situations, and "Data Science"; collecting, connecting and using data. As a result, we have established the de facto standard for understanding consumers. By combining INTAGE Group's long-established assets with the passion and technology of partners in the fields of "AI / IoT / Big Data", we are positioned to co-create new value in the fields of Life Insights and Data Science.

Know today, Power tomorrow

INTAGE Group Asset:AI/IoT/Big Data、Life Insights、DataScience

We have a flexible support system that allows the realization of open innovation.

  • 5 billion JPYin corporate venture capital
  • R&D investment ratioof 2% to net sales
  • Research projects with partners in academia

Research Areas

Life Insights

INTAGE Group strives for a more refined understanding of consumer behavior by visualizing the consumer's mind and behavior through the integration of INTAGE Group's Life Insights assets with AI / IoT / Big Data.


We pursue the study of the mind in terms of perception / cognition / thinking / emotion related to how consumers see, consider and judge things.

Our Activities

  • Computer vision
  • Natural language processing
  • Scent data proessing


We promote the study of how consumers behave, and their decision making processes in their daily lives.

Our Activities

  • Pattern recognition for multimedia
  • Multi-device facial expression analysis
  • IoT data processing

Data Science

We aim for a more sophisticated understanding of consumers, and increased speed and efficiency of marketing activities, by combining the data and technology assets that INTAGE Group possesses with AI / IoT / Big Data in the area of Data Science.


We promote research in data analysis and statistical modeling to generate better value in big data analytics.

Our Activities

  • AI Platform for marketing
  • TV viewing measurement using smart TV data
  • Agent based modeling


In a changing environment where things are becoming increasingly data driven, we are progressing with research into the optimal design of environments, indices and operations that utilize data.

Our Activities

  • Data visualization
  • Automation of operational process


We are aggressively forming alliances with tech partners and academic partners in order to jointly create a new paradigm.

  • XCompass Ltd.
  • alt Inc.
  • webrage CO.,LTD.
  • Aroma Bit, Inc.

Enjoy Innovation with us