President's Message

The INTAGE Group has developed the systems solutions business and information services in the healthcare field centered on marketing research ever since our company was founded as a specialized marketing research organization in 1960, and since then, has grown into a unique corporate group.

"The power of information" is the driving force that has supported this growth. This actually comprises of three factors: the power to collect information, the power to process and analyze information, and the power to transform information into value.

Today, the types and volume of information continue steadily expanding. Media are diversifying along with the progress of the Internet with consumer preferences and behavior being subdivided into even smaller categories. These trends are expected to accelerate even further with the rapid spread of social networks. Information collection and analysis methods are also on the cusp of great changes in line with these developments. With the arrival of the era of Big Data, our competitors are shifting from pure research companies into companies involved in such diverse industries as IT and advertising.

Amid these developments, the INTAGE Group is ceaselessly studying and refining our skills to adapt our core competence in "the power of information" to the vanguard of the new era. This becomes embodied in the evolution of our platform, which is the mechanism to advance the collection, processing and analysis of all types of information including numerical values, text, visual images and sound.

At the same time, the INTAGE Group is devoting maximum efforts to human resources development. In every era, it is people who can convert information into value, and ultimately it is people who can thoroughly pursue this.

In October 2013, the INTAGE Group transitioned into a holding company in order to realize these group efforts and further improve corporate value. We plan to optimize resource allocation in growing fields, develop collaboration between group companies, and intensify as well as optimize shared business to create new knowledge in order to grasp consumer changes and accelerate global development with a focus on Asia.

At the INTAGE Group, we firmly hold to our vision of helping our clients achieve business success under all circumstances, enriching the lives of their customers, and contributing to the sustainable development of the global society.
I would like to sincerely thank for your continued support and encouragement.

Kenji Miyakubi
President and Representative Director