Marketing Support Business (Consumer Goods & Services,Healthcare)

Panel Research

Continuous collection of data from retail stores and consumer monitors
Data collected over many years are compiled as an index essential to grasp consumer market trends and competitor conditions that is used by around 400 leading companies in Japan.

SCI (Nationwide Individual Consumer Panel Research)
What do different types of households and individuals purchase,where and at what prices?
Clients Food products, Beverages  Cosmetics  Miscellaneous daily items  Pharmacy
Using mobile devices and the Internet, we collect data on purchases of food products, beverages, and miscellaneous daily items, consumed both inside and outside the home, from 50,000 male and female respondents nationwide.
Japan's largest consumer panel, providing insights backed by high-quality
SRI (Retail Tracking Research)
What kinds of products are selling, when, where, and at what prices?
Clients Food products, Beverages  Cosmetics  Miscellaneous daily items  Pharmacy
Collects POS data on a variety of product categories, from approximately 4,000 leading retailers nationwide.
Boasts overwhelming strengths in this field, used as a standard index in various

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Custom Research

Customized research to address customer issues
We propose the optimal methods, design, research contents, and analysis methods using our strong research capabilities.

Food products, Beverages  CosmeticsTelecommunicationsMedia  Finance  Miscellaneous daily items  Automobiles  Advertising agencies  Pharmacy

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Today, when a new approach is required for consumers who have greatly changed with the spread of SNS and the use of multimedia devices, we make full use of our verification, planning, platform construction and other know-how to propose means of communication based on the accurate and abundant data of the INTAGE Group.

Single source panel data development and administration functions
Main Products:i-SSP
Data Science
Data analysis and application functions that make full use of business intelligence and sophisticated analytical capabilities
Main Products:
Data Analysis Services
Digital Marketing
Digital advertising agency and service development functions
Main Products:di-PiNK

Media      Advertising agencies    Telecommunications    service

CRO (Contract Research Organization)

CRO( Contract Research Organization )is an organization that supports and conducts various works related to clinical testing, post-marketing surveillance and safety information on behalf of pharmaceuticals manufacturers.
The INTAGE Group functions as a CRO primarily providing post-marketing surveillance and safety information services.
We also focus on systems solutions in this field, and support efficient and high quality data accumulation that grasps frontline needs using the first EDC* system in the field.
In addition to the provision of healthcare-related information and data, we actively advance the provision of high value services going beyond the CRO framework.

EDC (Electronic Data Capture): Electronic collection and management of clinical laboratory test values, etc.

Drug Development Flow and Service Lineup

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