Marketing Support Business (Consumer Goods & Services)

Panel Research

Consumer panel research

What do different types of households and individuals purchase, where and at what prices?

SCI  Nationwide Individual Consumer Panel Research
Using specialized scanners, smartphones and apps, the SCI collects data on purchases of food products, beverages and miscellaneous daily items, consumed both inside and outside the home, from 52,500 male and female panelists aged 15 to 79 nationwide. It is Japan's largest consumer panel, and provides insight based on high-quality data that gives a detailed picture of consumer purchasing behavior.
Main Client Industries
Food products,Beverages,Miscellaneous daily items,Cosmetics
What the data reveal
  • Where, in what quantity and by whom products are purchased
  • Quantitative changes in the market structure associated with purchasing behavior such as brand switching
  • Consumer attributes such as the types of people who are purchasing a product

Retail tracking research

What kinds of products are selling when, where and at what prices?

SRI  Nationwide Retail Tracking Research
The SRI collects POS data on a variety of product categories, such as food products, beverages and miscellaneous daily items, from approximately 4,000 supermarkets, convenience stores and drugstores and other major retailers nationwide. It has unrivaled strength in this field, and is used as the standard index in various industries.
Main Client Industries
Food products,Beverages,Miscellaneous daily items,Cosmetics
What the data reveal
  • Which products are sold when, where, in what amounts, at what prices and at which kinds of stores
  • How stores are competing in terms of distribution, merchandise assortment and price, and the resulting sales volume
  • Merchandise assortment and hot-selling products by store type

Custom Research

Custom Research
This research is customized to address each client's issues. We use various research methods and our unique analytical abilities to provide valuable information that reflects the real market situation.
Main Client Industries
Distribution, retail, food and beverage/Communications/Apparel/Automotive/Finance, insurance/Entertainment/Home appliances, electronics/Advertising agencies/Government agencies etc.
Data Collection Methods
  • Online research: Internet research,location-based research (survey distribution service based on geospatial information)
  • Qualitative research: interviews, remote interviews
  • Non-verbal research: Eye tracking research, evaluation of ad creative content using expression analysis, neuro-research
  • Offline research: Postal survey, mystery shopping, in-store observational survey, central location tests (CLT), in-store interviews, door-to-door interviews

Mighty Monitors

The industry's largest online access panel

“Mighty Monitor” is one of the largest scale online survey monitors in the marketing research industry.
It reflects the market trends because it covers such a wide range of attributes, and is versatile because you can use it according to a specific purpose.
Supporting your marketing activities on the strength of our “mighty (powerful/huge/wonderful)” infrastructure.