The INTAGE Group promotes initiatives under its Basic CSR Policy to communicate honestly with its various stakeholders and to contribute to society through sound business activities.

INTAGE Group Basic CSR Policy
Based on The INTAGE Group Way, we apply the INTAGE Group's capabilities to solve issues facing society through communication with stakeholders while meeting our fundamental social responsibilities. With this approach, we aim for the continuous synergistic development of the INTAGE Group and society.


Efforts to Promote Global Warming Countermeasures

Energy Usage

One of the INTAGE Group’s global warming countermeasures is promoting reduction of electricity usage. Especially at the Hibarigaoka Office, which has a data center consuming a lot of energy, continuous efforts are made to seek energy conservation measures. Systematic steps to reduce electricity usage have been taken every year, including the introduction of window film that blocks out heat from sunlight and monitoring equipment to regulate air conditioning usage.

Graph of Energy Usage

Participation in the Ministry of the Environment's "Cool Choice" Campaign

The INTAGE Group is participating in "Cool Choice," a new national campaign to prevent global warming promoted by Japan's Ministry of the Environment. We are communicating information through the Group newsletter and using educational video content to raise employee environmental awareness.



Active engagement of female workers

The INTAGE Group makes no difference based on gender in employment and working conditions. We also respect diverse values and promote a working environment where everyone can continue working in a lively manner.

Look at numbers showing the active engagement of female workers in the INTAGE Group

Look at numbers showing the active engagement of female workers in the INTAGE Group

INTAGE RESEARCH, Inc. obtained "Eruboshi" certification based on the “Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace,” from the MHLW.


Workstyle Reform Initiative

Seeking to ensure the sustainable growth of all Group companies, the INTAGE Group makes continuous improvements to the workplace environment from a variety of perspectives to advance the professional development of each employee.
Under our program of workstyle reform, we are laying the groundwork for the active and fulfilling engagement of all employees as they raise productivity through optimal styles of working. We have implemented flextime scheduling, which eliminates core hours. Moreover, measures including support for working remotely, which allows employees to choose where to work without any limits on eligibility or frequency of use are being promoted.

INTAGE Healthcare Inc. and KYOWA KIKAKU LTD. were selected among the 2019 Top Hundred Telework Pioneers, an award presented by the Ministry for Internal Affairs and Communications for having promoted the introduction and utilization of telework and achieved actual performance.

Top Hundred Telework Pioneers

Promotion of Employment of Persons with Disabilities

At INTAGE ASSOCIATES Inc., the Diversity Promotion Office, which assumes responsibility for the Group's employment of persons with disabilities, supports employees with disabilities by valuing one's “individuality,” exploiting their abilities, and creating an environment in which they can actively work and continue developing themselves every day.
The company engages in various initiatives to create an employment environment in which employees, regardless of disabilities, work together and can “mutually recognize and enhance each other.”

Supporters' Meeting

The company invites special support schools, support organizations, and parents and guardians once a year so that they may confirm their respective roles and strengthen cooperation through lectures and information exchanges.

Supporter's Award

Employees with disabilities perform tasks in various workplaces other than the Diversity Promotion Office where they belong. To express appreciation to persons who encourage and provide support to employees with disabilities in the workplaces, the Supporter’s Award is presented once every year.

Social Skill Training

We conduct training every month on topics that are helpful in daily operations such as on business manners and how to respond to various business situations through role-play, under the guidance of professional trainers. These training sessions help employees facilitate smooth business communications, gain confidence in actions, and develop independence to think about how they can improve their workplaces. The training sessions are expected to enhance employees’ feelings of fulfillment and satisfaction towards work.

Regular Interviews

To improve business and human skills, we establish annual goals as well as monthly business and living targets, which are reviewed every month at interviews with outside clinical psychologists.

Corporate governance

Basic Approach

We believe that, as an enterprise made up of numerous stakeholders, the INTAGE Group has an important responsibility not only to improve business results but also to ensure the soundness, fairness and transparency of management.
Our corporate philosophy, “THE INTAGE GROUP WAY,” is the cornerstone of our management. To act consistent with that philosophy, the INTAGE Group’s “Ethical Charter” has been established as a set of guidelines that all of the Group’s executives and employees must follow in conducting business activities.
Based on this charter, the Group has formulated the INTAGE Group “Employee Code of Conduct,” which defines the basic attitude and behavior expected of employees. The Code of Conduct is instilled in the Group’s executives and employees to ensure that they carry out sound business activities in compliance with laws and regulations. In addition, the Group’s internal control system is managed in accordance with its “Basic Policy on Internal Control Systems.”

INTAGE Group Social Contribution

Support for Earthquake Victims

Donation to the 2019 Typhoon 19 (Hagibis) Disaster Relief Fund:
In October 2019, the INTAGE Group donated 10 million yen of relief money to the Japanese Red Cross Society to help restore the living conditions of victims of 2019 Typhoon 19 (Hagibis). Additionally, INTAGE Inc. launched the 2019 Typhoon 19 (Hagibis) Restoration Support Project and donated 3,676,256 yen raised through exchange of Cue Monitor points and charity questionnaire monitoring.
The Japanese Red Cross Society project “Forever remembered”:
The INTAGE Group joins the Japanese Red Cross Society disaster prevention and mitigation project “3.11 Forever remembered” with the aim of having each employee not forget to think about the disaster areas and victims and enhance awareness of “disaster prevention and mitigation” to protect life from future disasters. The INTAGE Group has participated in the project as a supporting company over the past two fiscal years.

Donations and Support for Various Organizations

We support the activities of various organizations through donations from shareholders and survey panelists.


Cue Monitors Shareholder TOTAL
Japan Guide Dog Association 829,810 38,000 867,810
UNICEF 783,260 46,000 829,260
The C.W. Nicol Afan Woodland Trust 187,980 187,980
Japanese Red Cross Society 56,000 56,000
GRAND TOTAL 1,801,050 140,000 1,941,050

The INTAGE Group’s industry-academia collaboration

Movements are accelerating to promote problem solving and innovation by gathering and analyzing the huge amounts of information made available by the evolution of digital technology and the spread of IoT.
However, data scientists, who are important players in technology, are short in supply in Japan (and globally) and education and training of these professionals have to be fostered on an urgent basis. In order to respond to this social challenge, the INTAGE Group is in collaboration with many universities, assisting in the development of data scientists.

Since March 2018  Yokohama City University
A lecture on “Data Science” by an INTAGE employee (May 2019)
Since March 2019  Shiga University
Seminar of Professor Kaoru Kawamoto, Department of Data Science (April 2019)
Since April 2019  Musashino University
A ceremony of the Industry-Academia Basic Cooperation Agreement (April 2019)