INTAGE Group Social Media Guidelines

Definition of Social Media

Social media is a means of distribution of information or interactive communication with the use of the Internet, including but not limited to Facebook and Twitter.

Purpose of the Use of Social Media

The INTAGE Group proactively publishes content on itself through social media to strengthen relationships with stakeholders, which improves communication and trust.

Regardless of company, organization, and form of employment, anyone who engages in the INTAGE Group's businesses (including dispatched workers and subcontract workers, hereinafter called employees) is required to abide by "INTAGE Group Social Media Guidelines" when using social media.

Social Media Guidelines

Employees of the INTAGE Group comply with relevant laws and regulations and adhere to the rules of each social medium, "INTAGE Group's Ethical Charter," "INTAGE Group Employee Code of Conduct," "INTAGE Group Information Security Basic Policy," and employment rules of the companies to which employees belong, as well as the following guidelines.

1. Be aware that you are a member of the INTAGE Group when publishing content.

  • You should never publish personal information, anything relevant to privacy, or any other information obtained through your work.
  • Always remember that each employee is responsible for building the INTAGE Group' brand image, by promoting the business values and appeal. Then employees fully understand the impact of dialogues and distribution of the INTAGE Group's information. In addition, be aware of the potential impacts that you can have on the Group's business and brand, and use an appropriate method to communicate in online communities.
  • You should never publish content for the purpose of influencing any information.
  • If in a personal account you disclose that you belong to the INTAGE Group, you must make it clear that you are speaking for yourself and not on behalf of the Group.

2. Be respectful of all individuals.

  • You should never publish the following content:
    Contains targeted libel, slander or harassment, or defames any individual.
    Infringes on intellectual property (including copyright or personality rights).
    Engages in discrimination (such as race, thought or belief) against any individual.
    Contains anything that could be contrary to public order or morals.
  • Be calm and clear-headed to others with an attitude of listening to them attentively with sincerity.

3. Take responsibility for your actions.

  • You publish content for yourself, but your actions can potentially harm the Group's business values or brand and eventually the Group could be held accountable.
  • Respond quickly to your own mistake, inaccurate or misleading expression. Apologize and correct it promptly.
  • Be aware that everything you publish (including photographs, images or videos) can never be entirely deleted and could be visible to the world even permanently. Be careful of what you publish.
  • Be mindful of the content you publish. Although you intend to publish content within a small group of your followers, it can potentially spread quickly and widely throughout the internet.

To Users of Social Media

For the INTAGE Group's official announcements and opinions, please refer the respective websites and press releases of INTAGE Holdings Inc. or each Group company.
The INTAGE Group may delete any comments engaging in libel, slander, harassment or any other slurs similar to these, or contrary to public order or morals posted on its social media pages without notice.
These guidelines may be changed if necessary without prior notice.