The INTAGE Group promotes initiatives under its Basic CSR Policy to communicate honestly with its various stakeholders and to contribute to society through sound business activities.

INTAGE Group Basic CSR Policy
Based on The INTAGE Group Way, we apply the INTAGE Group's capabilities to solve issues facing society through communication with stakeholders while meeting our fundamental social responsibilities. With this approach, we aim for the continuous synergistic development of the INTAGE Group and society.

At the INTAGE Group, we position our Group Vision - Know today, Power tomorrow - outlined in The INTAGE Group Way as the ideal situation for which we strive. Our CSR activities are also grounded in our pursuit of this vision. This Group Vision expresses our commitment to creating greater corporate value through CSR activities that apply the strengths and character of each company in the INTAGE Group while fulfilling our social responsibilities as a listed company.

Relationship with Our Employees

Initiatives for Promoting Women's Active Participation in the Workplace

The INTAGE Group has no gender bias in employment conditions or pay scales. We provide a comfortable workplace environment for female employees. Women fill 21.7%* of management positions at the INTAGE Group (fiscal 2018) and we are working steadily to increase this in the law to promote the role of women in the workplace in Japan.

In March 2017, INTAGE RESEARCH Inc. was certified as an Eruboshi ("L-Star") Company as outlined in the law to promote the role of women in the workplace in Japan. The company was named as a three-star company, the highest rank for this recognition.

In addition, we conduct the IMR (QWL) Employee Survey once a year as part of our support for employees. This survey gauges employee satisfaction and mental health, and the results are one of the items used to evaluate each Group company.


Workstyle Reform Initiative

The INTAGE Group launched a workstyle reform initiative for our 14 domestic companies.

Seeking to ensure the sustainable growth of all Group companies, the INTAGE Group makes continuous improvements to the workplace environment from a variety of perspectives to advance the professional development of each employee.
Under our program of workstyle reform, we are laying the groundwork for the active and fulfilling engagement of all employees as they raise productivity through optimal styles of working. In April 2017, INTAGE HOLDINGS Inc. took the lead in implementing a flextime system, which eliminates core hours. Measures have been rolled out to six Group companies, and are being expanded and promoted, including support for working remotely, which allows employees to choose where to work without any limits on eligibility or frequency of use.

Communication and Dialogue on the Status of Workstyle Reform Measures

To promote workstyle reform, we consider it essential for employees to share issues with each other and engage in constructive dialogue. We conduct employee surveys and collect information on topics including working remotely and flextime, changes in working hours and productivity, and matters for future consideration, and then share the results within the Group. In addition, project members have established opportunities for regular dialogue.

Environmental Conservation Efforts

Energy Usage

One of the INTAGE Group’s energy conservation measures is promoting reduction of electricity usage at our offices and data center. At the Hibarigaoka Office, steps have included introduction of energy-saving fluorescent lights, window film that blocks out heat from sunlight, and monitoring equipment to regulate air conditioning usage. As a result, we maintained energy usage below our benchmark of 1,500 kiloliters crude oil equivalent for the third consecutive year. In addition, confidential documents are collected in dedicated boxes for dissolution processing by a specialist company and recycling as toilet paper, containerboard or other materials, some of which we purchase.

Energy Usage at Main Offices* by Year
  Year ended
March 31, 2016
Year ended
March 31, 2017
Year ended
March 31, 2018
Electricity usage
(thousands of kWh)
Crude oil equivalent (kl) 1,762

Note: Note: Amounts are rounded down

Totals for the Akihabara, Hibarigaoka and Higashikurume offices.Figures in parentheses are for Hibarigaoka only.
Participation in the Ministry of the Environment's "Cool Choice" Campaign

The INTAGE Group is participating in "Cool Choice," a new national campaign to prevent global warming promoted by Japan's Ministry of the Environment. We are communicating information through the Group newsletter and using educational video content to raise employee environmental awareness.

Relationship with Society

Support for Earthquake Victims

The INTAGE Group continued to sponsor the Japanese Red Cross Society project "Forever remembered" from the previous fiscal year. Group employees in Japan wear project badges and spread information on disaster prevention and mitigation through social media and the company intranet.
We will continue our activities to raise awareness of disaster prevention and mitigation while maintaining the memory of previous disasters.

Educational Support by INTAGE (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Based on a belief that knowledge is the foundation of growth for children, who will shoulder the responsibilities of the next generation, INTAGE (Thailand) Co., Ltd. provides ongoing support for education in Thailand.
In 2017, the company provided support for Baan Hua Kuang School, Chiang Mai Province, attended by students from a highland ethnic group. Students at the school collaborated with INTAGE (Thailand) employees on a "One Book, One Design" project to produce notebooks using paper crafts. Proceeds from the sale of these notebooks are used for the purchase of teaching materials and expansion of the school's lunch program.

JMIRI Support for People with Disabilities

Japan Medical Information Research Institute Inc. (JMIRI) provides support for people with disabilities through "," a facility in Saga Prefecture that aids their ongoing employment. Wages are paid from the sale of goods such as ornaments and aroma candles produced at the facility, which leads to greater independence for those with special needs. Such goals have led like-minded employees from other Group companies to join JMIRI employees in supporting this initiative

Donations and Support for Various Organizations

We support the activities of various organizations through donations from shareholders and survey panelists. In addition, as part of its CSR, each Group company provides support for social contribution activities through donations to organizations that contribute to regional cultural activities, sports and other areas relating to our business operations.

Donations from Shareholder Benefi t Plan and Cue Monitors


  Year ended
March 31, 2018
The C.W. Nicol Afan Woodland Trust 90,370
Japan Guide Dog Association 490,970
UNICEF 460,880
Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund
(Japanese Red Cross Society)
Total 1,084,220

* Total amount of donations by shareholder benefit plan and cue monitors