Based on The INTAGE Group Way, we strive to utilize the INTAGE Group's capabilities to solve issues facing society while meeting our fundamental social responsibilities. With this approach, we aim for the continuous synergistic growth of the INTAGE Group and society.

We want to remain the company of choice for all of our stakeholders. In addition to building relationships of trust through dialogue, we also focus on engagement with employees, consideration for the environment and participation in the community.

Relationship with Our Employees

Initiatives for Women in the Workplace

The INTAGE Group respects diverse values and individuality, and seeks to employ a wide range of people. Our policy is to provide equal employment opportunities and ensure equal treatment of men and women, and we do not have different pay scales for male and female employees.

Based on a new law to promote the role of women in the workplace in Japan, INTAGE has set the goal of having women fi ll 25% of executive positions by the end of March 2021. In fi scal 2016, we began efforts to encourage women to take an exam for appointment to executive positions.

As of May 2016, the INTAGE Group overall had three female officers, and four including an outside director.

In addition, we conduct the IMR (QWL) Employee Survey once a year as part of our support for employees. This survey gauges employee satisfaction and mental health, and the results are one of the items used to evaluate each Group company.

Employment Data
Number of employees Regular employees: 835, Contract employees: 70,
Transfer employees: 2, Direct hire part-time employees: 70
Breakdown of full-time employees, and number and percentage of employees who are union members Managers: 269, Full-time employees: 566
Union members: 208, Percentage of union employees: 36.7%
Turnover Number of employees who left in the past year: 56 (32 men and 24 women)
Turnover rate: 6.2% (Male employees:6.1%, Female employees: 6.3%)
Number of female managers 49: 18.2% (49 out of 269 managers)

Note: Figures shown are for INTAGE Inc. only (as of March 31, 2016)

Environmental Conservation Efforts

Energy Usage

The INTAGE Group operates a data center, which is an energy-intensive business. Electricity use at the Hibarigaoka Office is particularly high due to the largescale equipment deployed there. This office is considered a Type 2 specified business operator under the Energy Saving Act and a specified business operator under the Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance on Environmental Preservation. Therefore, it is promoting environmental measures including reduction of energy use and waste in cooperation with an energy service company (ESCO),* as well as green purchasing. As a result, the amount of electricity used has been declining annually.
* A company that provides services related to improving the energy effi ciency of buildings.

Energy Usage at Main Offices* by Year
  Year ended
March 31, 2014
Year ended
March 31, 2015
Year ended
March 31, 2016
Electricity usage
(thousands of kWh)
7,569 7,210 7,095
Crude oil equivalent (kl) 1,879 1,790 1,762

Note: Amounts are rounded down
* Totals for the Akihabara, Hibarigaoka and Higashikurume offices

Relationship with Society

Donations and Support for Various Organizations

The INTAGE Group supports the activities of various organizations through donations from shareholders and survey panelists.

In addition, we donated ¥10 million through the Japanese Red Cross to aid the victims of the earthquakes that struck Kumamoto Prefecture in April 2016. We also called on employees to cooperate in donating funds, and set up donation boxes at each offi ce. In total, INTAGE Group employees voluntarily contributed more than ¥360 thousand.

Donations from Shareholder Benefi t Plan and Cue Monitors


  Year ended
March 31, 2015
Year ended
March 31, 2016
Afan Woodland Trust 128,690 138,970
Japan Guide Dog Association 563,990 537,740
UNICEF 468,130 425,460
Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund
(Japanese Red Cross)
90,000 76,000
Total 1,250,810 1,178,170